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Ultra Abseil was formed in the United Arab Emirates with a mission to be one of the trusted high-level cleanings & maintenance specialist company to provide the most cost effective & quality service with the highest standard of safety in the United Arab Emirates. Our vision aims to maintain and provide credibility, trust and integrity among our team and business partners to achieve common goal of providing a high standard & quality service.
Ultra provide the utmost level of commitment, dedication and reliability, working to the most stringent of safety. Our headquarters are based in Dubai, and we have over 15 years’ experience using a workforce that is highly skilled and fully qualified. Ultra has built its reputation in providing the highest quality results and solutions to simple or complex problems across several different industries. 
All of our personnel are independently trained and assessed to the highest standard by the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (I.R.A.T.A). Also, we conform to Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems ISO 45001:2018 to comply with sets of requirements for monitoring and improving safety in the workplace.

Rope Access

With the world moving towards a new era and greater heights, maintaining and reaching these elevated structures is not straight forward, however with the help of rope access, Ultra has the ability to provide a solution to many of these problems.
Using the latest rope access techniques, equipment and specialist technicians, we have proved competent in providing services to many top construction companies around the world.
Rope access is usually carried out in many inaccessible areas, it is proven to be cost effective and saves time. I.R.A.T.A. training and regulations provides our technicians with the knowledge and safety skills to also work in hazardous conditions.

Maid Service

Ultra maid services provide a professional and affordable cleaning service for your home, giving you more free time to do the things you enjoy. Ultra also provides cleaning services on a commercial basis.
A uniformed, fully insured maid, who is highly trained the Ultra way, will thoroughly clean your home. All of our maids are punctual and will arrive at your convenience. We meet the individual cleaning requirements of all of our customers, and we are available on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
In addition to our high standards, we understand that domestic cleaning is very personal, and that honesty, reliability and communication are very important.
There are different options for maid services, but there is only one that stands out as the best. When you hire an Ultra maid, you can expect the healthiest, most thorough professional house cleaning available. We will customize our maid service to suit you and your home, and we pride ourselves on going above and beyond what other maid services offer to provide you with a home that is immaculate throughout.
Ultra maids are the trusted name amongst maid companies because we consistently deliver value through quality service and premium products that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.
Mop or vacuum floors
Tidy rooms
Dusting of furniture
Dust windowsills & baseboards
Dust window blinds
Dust ceiling fans within reach
Make up beds.
Empty dustbins
Clean & sanitize sink & counters.
Clean & sanitize shower & bath.
Clean & sanitize toilets.
Polish mirrors & chrome
Vacuum and sanitize floors.
Clean cabinet exteriors
Dust light fittings
Fold towels
Clean walls
Clean & sanitize worktops.
Clean & sanitize sink & faucets.
Clean appliances
Polish microwaves
Clean cabinet exteriors
Clean table & chairs
Clean & sanitize floors.

Who We Are

It is widely agreed that floor polishing is an essential part of any property’s overall image. A well-polished floor sends a positive message to all who visit and also makes a vital contribution to the overall decor and interior design of a property.

Over time, large quantities of dust, stones and grit enter the home, and this gets deposited in invisible layers upon the floor, slowly grinding away and scratching at floors as people walk over them. In addition, marble is prone to sweating due to its mineral content, resulting in deposits of magnesium carbonate and calcium forming on the surface and making it appear dull or matt.


Floor cleaning is a technical process, whereby our professional team first analyze the exact composition of the floor and then examine for dirt and stains. All signs of loose dirt are eliminated under liquid vacuum and if required a pressure wash. A solution is applied with a large diamond grinder (a rotating metal abrasive pad) and later removed with a special cleaner. This entire process is repeated and ultimately polished until the floor surface is rejuvenated to its original, natural beauty. Occasionally a protective sealant is also applied to the floor, depending on its composition. This cleaning process may also be applied to worktops and tables. From tough granite, through to marble and soft limestone, Ultra are able to polish, industrial diamond grind and restore any natural stone surface to their original speldour. Our restoration and cleaning ability of natural stone are unsurpassed.
We specialize in a variety of polishing techniques. If the floor in your premises appears dull, stained or scratched, Ultra have the expertise to restore your floor surface.


Fully trained and knowledgeable staff who know about the appropriate products for your floors.

An experienced team that knows the chemistry behind stains on particular surfaces and how different materials react to certain products. Stains have very different characteristics, e.g., an acid-based stain is treated quite differently to a protein-based stain or a solvent stain.
A diamond grinder for scratches on stains and stones.

Specialist handling knowledge to clean terraces and re-seal them.

At Ultra our specialist cleaning teams possess in-depth knowledge and practical experience in undertaking major industrial cleaning projects from a one-off pre- visiting deep clean to supplying human resource for regular planned maintenance/cleaning.

We have the full array of the latest cleaning equipment including sit-on sweepers, industrial scrubbers driers and access equipment for high level contracts. Environmental concerns and new technologies have taken commercial cleaning to a new level. Ultra cleaning services combines today’s technology with more than 25 years of innovative experience. That means we can offer you a full range of solutions based on your individual needs – at one site or for multiple locations.


Over 25 years of experience
Full range of building and commercial cleaning services, Ultra consistently leads the field in initiating the use of more efficient cleaning approaches. This includes eco-friendly chemicals, enhanced vacuum filtration systems, light weight, maneuverable equipment, and ongoing investment in specialist equipment.
Wide coverage with experience in many industries, ranging from commercial and institutional to high tech and retail.
Stringent hiring and selection process. Our employees embrace company values, and we believe in treating all our staff with respect and fairness. Our extensive training and opportunities for advancement all result in greater productivity and service longevity
Stringent management tools. These systems facilitate communication, increase worker productivity and integrate processes to measure the success of your cleaning service.

A newly cleaned system will run far more efficiently than a polluted system, resulting in lower utility bills, more comfort and a cleaner home. More importantly, clean air ducts can have a significant positive impact on your family’s health. Unclean duct systems are a major source of indoor air pollution. Airborne contaminants are pulled into the ducts every time the heating and cooling system runs. Over time, these contaminants build up inside the ductwork, creating an ideal breeding ground for mold, bacteria, fungi and other germs. Particles drawn into the air ducts also pass through fiberglass filters and infiltrate into the HVAC equipment subsequently undermining the performance and energy efficiency of these systems. This can lead to higher repair and maintenance costs and a shorter service life of the system. According to the EPA, a buildup of only 0.42 inches of dirt on a heating or cooling coil can decrease efficiency by 21%.
Ultra’s maintenance involves regular, routine cleaning, lubricating, testing, calibrating and adjusting, checking for wear and tear and eventually replacing components to avoid breakdown. The resource and extensive training of our staff ensure that equipment is operated at optimum efficiency and plant life expectancy is extended to maximum potential.
Longevity of life
Money saving
Optimising working time
Improve efficiency, comfort and air quality.
Comply with current legislation.
Reduce the risk of breakdown or replacement costs.
Ultra Air Conditioning support all air conditioning maintenance contract customers, with a comprehensive 24 hour/365-day emergency call out service, as well as technical telephone support.
General maintenance work, detailed inspection, test and cleaning of systems
Each visit will be completed with an engineer’s report and recommendations
Our technical support staff will offer technical advise and fault diagnosis assistance over the phone and will attempt to help reduce costs
Priority scheduling of service or repair calls. Scheduled maintenance visits at times suitable for each client (i.e. schools air conditioning maintenance visits scheduled during out of term periods)
Picture a healthy green lawn ‘perfect for relaxing in’, great for ball games and BBQ’s, a real asset to your home. The lawn is after all the ‘carpet’ to the room outside and more often than not, lawn care becomes a chore. Our lawn care programme, keeps your lawn looking green, healthy and free from moss and weeds all year round. Ultra views our regular garden maintenance service as an essential part of our portfolio. Our service can be provided to suit your needs by our team of garden specialists.
The mowing and edging of lawns.
The planting of trees, plants and shrubs
The weeding and cultivation of beds and borders
The pruning, trimming and shaping of shrubs.
The removal of weeds and debris from hard surfaces
The removal of all consequent rubbish
The lawn care specialists at Ultra, possess a passion for gardens and lawns and their long-term care. Here at Ultra, we realize that maintenance often needs to be bespoke, or tailored to an individual garden’s precise requirements.
Our unique philosophy is to get your garden in pristine condition and then to maintain it. As a professional garden care company, we respond to your garden’s needs with the highest quality service. This careful attention means that you’ll enjoy a beautiful garden all year round.
All our garden and lawn services are delivered by professionally trained specialists who will offer you a scheduled, customized care programmed backed up by years of experience and knowledge. Ultra use only the highest-grade professional products (not available to the general public) making our service surprisingly more cost effective than most DIY methods.
Ultra MEP services provides Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) engineering services focused on mechanical drawing, computer aided drafting and design. We are known for our high quality, cost effectiveness and time bound MEP engineering services that are complemented by state-of-the-art facilities. We serve as an extension to your mechanical engineering and HR department.
We aim for client satisfaction, value added customer service. Our service is completely process driven and result oriented. We strive to continually improve and update our process and systems to stay in tune with the modern technology. Our client friendly mechanical engineering services, flexibility and efficient project management has contributed significantly to building long term business relationships.
We have a versatile team of mechanical engineers and draftsmen who specialize in mechanical design, drawing and drafting services. A wide range of expertise and depth of experience enables our team to complete even the most complicated HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing projects.
We provide our clients with creative and custom-tailored mechanical design services. We can efficiently handle conceptual, preliminary and detailed design projects in compliance with your standards or requirements.
We specialize in converting hand drawn sketches, fully detailed mechanical drawings or a concept into accurate and precise 2-D drawings. Some of the input formats which we accept are PDF files, AutoCAD files, GIF or Jpeg files, pictures, photos, scanned images, hand drawn sketches and electronic files. We use AutoCAD and Revit MEP software.
Our customers include Architects, Building Contractors, Mechanical Consultants, Construction Companies and CADD Service Providers.
Residential Buildings
Commercial Buildings
Building Automation
Institutional Buildings – Schools
Industrial Buildings
Healthcare Units – Hospitals
Buildings in Hospitality Industry
Research & Development centers
Entertainment Zones – Malls & Multiplexes
Pharmaceutical Industry
Before the introduction of the construction (Design Management) Regulations 1994, many buildings had no provision made for access to allow high level cleaning and maintenance.
Industrial rope access is now accepted in such cases as a suitable method of access. We now have a widespread customised cleaning service that provides cost effective and time saving solutions.
Gutter Cleaning
Stain Removal
Facade Cleaning
Glass Restoration and Polishing
Window Cleaning
Atrium Cleaning
Pressure Washing
Back Pack Vacuum Cleaning
Internal Steel Cleaning
Chemical Clean
Vegetation Removal
Final Builders Clean
Graffiti Removal
Preparation & Priming
Air Compression Spray
Roller Brushing
Calcium Removal
Bird Lime Removal
Using rope access provides an unobtrusive, cost-effective access capability.
The number of man hours working at height can be vastly reduced when using rope access over traditional access methods.
Equipment used (i.e., ropes) can be installed and removed rapidly to ensure minimum disruption and therefore could help reduce overall lead times on projects, which in turn sees a reduction in project costs.
Other trades can continue their tasks without disruption at ground level, compared with other access methods, i.e. scaffolding.
Rope systems can be easily installed to reach almost all areas, which may not have been possible using conventional means.
Use of rope access could reduce further costs where there maybe need of road closures, i.e., busy shopping centres.
Rope access offers greater flexibility for rescheduling and can therefore take advantage of any weather conditions.
Due to the unobtrusive nature, rope access, can offer building owners less visual impact during operations, enabling them to retain their visual integrity.
The job application can be conducted in any shift on any day.
Rope access operatives can often accomplish in a matter of hours, work which previously took days to complete using conventional access methods.
1. Telecommunications: Inspection and examination of Satellite and Antenna.
2. Internal and external lighting installation and maintenance for:
Neon lights
High- and low-level bay lights
Advertising displays
Stadium flood lights
Emergency lighting
Aircraft warning lighting
Fibre optic lighting
Cablework systems
Fire systems
3. Petrochemical – We carry a widespread knowledge in all sectors of installation and sustenance for all automated plant control systems and operate according to the safety regulations to avoid any risk.
4. Mines & Quarries – Form light electronics (weigh – silos, level measurement, fibre optics etc.) to primary/secondary crushing, screening of both static and mobile operations, Ultra Abseil specializes in all sectors of electrical tasks related to plant equipment and process controls.
5. Fire/Smoke Detection Systems – Our technicians are trained and qualified in installation and maintenance of fire protection systems in commercial, domestic and industrial locations.
6. General/Other – We are also highly trained in rendering, painting, installation of ventilation, ducting, leak detection, structural steel cleaning, banner and design erection.
7. On specific applications, where insufficient anchorage points are available, it becomes necessary for installation, testing and certification of anchor points and where the application warrants it, the installation of additional safety systems. All of these tasks can be performed by certified Ultra technicians.
Widespread use of rope access throughout the industry has now shown many engineers/architects that there is very little need for the use of access gantries/cradles and therefore would also Favour rope access within their designs. With this in mind many new buildings have anchor points for rope access incorporated by the architects at design stage.
Ultra offers a design and install ‘anchor point’ service at the pre-build or post build stage in addition to future maintenance programmed that will preserve your buildings excellent condition.
Our team of technicians are vastly experienced and informed about all the essential abilities required to perform maintenance and renovation services ranging from the smallest repair jobs through to entire external renovation of buildings.
General Maintenance
Foliage Removal
Dry Treating
Masonry Repairs
Sealant Application
Water Proofing

Most structures are accessible utilizing rope access techniques, including high rise tower blocks, masts, bridges, boats, cliffs, tunnels, refineries, stadiums, telecommunication towers, etc. Our aim is to provide accurate information based on the client’s requirements. We can follow our inspections with any necessary repairs or maintenance.

Rope access allows works to be carried out with little or no disruption where equipment can be deployed rapidly to the work site and removed as quickly as required.

Ultra can supply a detailed condition report using all data collected. Our experienced specialists enable us to offer inspections and surveys on numerous types of structures that vary from a simple visual to a full in-depth inspection. A typical Ultra survey report will contain a detailed condition report with data collected in a concise and a readable format. Details of all defects can be supplemented, if required, by photographs, location drawings and video records.
The use of rope access techniques has allowed for the inspection of buildings and structures to be carried out intensely and efficiently.
Safety surveys including removal of dangerous masonry.
Mast inspection
Concrete coring
Sample collection
Internal & external inspection of storage facilities
Cliff inspection
Inspection of culverts
Non-Destructive testing
Bolt & anchor testing
Non-destructive testing is the branch of engineering concerned with all methods of detecting and evaluating flaws in various materials. Flaws can effect the serviceability of the material or structure and for this reason NDT is important in guaranteeing safe operation as well as quality control and assessing plant life. The flaws may be cracks or inclusions in welds and castings, or variations in structural properties which can lead to loss of strength or failure in service.
Non-destructive testing is used for in-service inspection and for condition monitoring of operating plant. It is also used for measurement of components and spacings and for the measurement of physical properties such as hardness and internal stress.
An essential feature of NDT is that the test process itself produces no harmful effects on the material or structure under test.
The subject of NDT has no clearly defined boundaries; it ranges from simple techniques such as visual examination of surfaces, through to the well-established methods of radiography, ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle crack detection, to new and very specialized methods such as the measurement of Barkhausen noise and position annihilation.
NDT methods can be adapted to automated production processes as well as to the inspection of localised problem areas.
Magnet weld test
Ultrasonic testing
Borroscope testing
Dust sample collection
Hammer testing
Water penetration testing
Ferro Scan testing
Dimensional surveys
Half cell testing
Carbonation testing
Liquid penetrant testing
Leak testing
Electromagnetic testing

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